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The practice of yoga is an opportunity for us to reconnect as we meet ourselves on the mat. It is an internal and external exploration.  Together we create and hold space for whatever is shifting or transforming for us at any give time. It is my heart felt desire to offer an experience for people to recognize where they are resistant, to discover and work through their blockages and to connect with their power. I offer all levels classes that incorporate breath work, meditation, dance, reflection, self-inquiry and creative movement in an environment that is supportive and empowering.


When I first began to practice yoga regularly in 2001, it felt like a foreign language to me. My background was competitive fitness /bodybuilding and dance. I viewed my body from the out side with great criticism; I would judge and compare myself to others. Practicing yoga changed the direction of my life and gave me a new way to communicate with my body, inner dialogue and sense of self in the world. I am forever grateful to my teachers who helped me to expand and grow into the teacher I am today. It is my passion to help people feel a deep connection to their inner fire, truth and their physical bodies so they feel safe living in their own skin.


I emphasise breath and mental focus over struggling to attain the external form of a posture. Each student has a unique body; so I encourage them maintain a strong awareness and respect for where their body is in the now.

Cultivating a deep awareness of the internal body I combine a fluid flow of postures with pranayama (breathing techniques). A well-paced flow puts students in a meditative zone, builds internal heat to release tension, and gracefully moves the students through a structure from warm-up, to working the body, to a gentle cool-down.