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Over the last few months I’ve had to let go of almost every aspect of my life. I left my job, my belongings, and my perception of the way I thought things were going to be. I am finding my way through inner and outer obstacles; using the tools I have been taught, to stay calm in times of challenge, (both my own and those of the people around me). I’ve been diving into the experience of what it means to stay in a place of vulnerability and uncertainty, feeling uncomfortable, confronted and emotionally naked, all while continuing to be as loving as possible.

At the beginning of August I left Thailand to visit the West Coast of Canada. It was a huge culture shock. I took refuge in the yoga studios when I felt my senses were overloaded from the intensity of the city, and the overworking of my mind.

We all need constant reminders to slow down, to stop and take a deep breath, to recognize where we are contracting in our bodies, to notice how we are holding onto fear. I crave silence and stillness in a time when things are moving very quickly.

I’m grateful to have connected with many close friends and family, dear ones whom I haven’t seen in a long time.  I’m grateful for friends who took me into their homes, their wonderful hugs, my “Mommy Love”, my Cousin’s wedding, my Aunt’s home-cooked meals and the beautiful bliss eye pillows that she made for me, my Grandma’s kisses and the look she gives me that lets me know she sees my soul, the late night stories and moments that made my heart swell and my eyes gush. I am also grateful for the experiences that have challenged me and taken me to my edge. I am happy I could be present for those that needed me in times of challenge.

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