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Custom Designed International Retreats & Getaways!

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Do you have a special group in mind?  Large or small, we will customize a retreat for your group, to your specifications, international location & date.

We especially look forward to working directly with you to create the retreat of your dreams. Your group/team will be inspired, motivated and completely revitalized by top world class certified coaches and trainers, led by Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Ocean Bloom

We’re raising the bar of excellence and we thrive on exceeding expectations in every way. Our goal is to WOW your group with a truly memorable, fun, educational and empowering experience. If a corporate group is your interest, watch business productivity dramatically increase once your staff are completely revitalized and motivated by our expert team.


Fully Customized, Fun Filled Programs . . .

We can customize the length of your retreat to suit your needs and goals. Retreat lengths can be anywhere from 1 to 30 days long.

  • Ultimate Corporate Group Retreats
  • Raw Fitness Training
  • Bliss Body Yoga & Meditation Retreats
  • Ultimate Elite Athlete Training Camp
  • Ultimate Bikini Beach Boot Camps (for the ladies)
  • Girly Girl Getaways
  • It’s a Guy Thing Getaways

The Ultimate Corporate Fitness & Yoga Retreats

“Corporations are now embracing the fact that employee sickness makes a significant impact on the company’s performance and profit revenues. Absenteeism, low productivity, low staff morale and high staff turnover can all be attributable to poor employee health and lifestyle.”  Did you know that it’s a statistical fact: Fitness programs increase company productivity by up to 50% and reduce absenteeism by 30%!

We at Ultimate Fitness Corporate Retreats understand that you work long hours, have out of work commitments and never enough hours in the day. We are here to help you manage the most important part of that working day; you. You are the most important cog in the wheel, without you being healthy, fit and well, key decision making becomes more pressured and too much stress can bring the whole thing crashing down. Whether it’s a long or short fitness retreat, both large and small companies are realizing that corporate fitness/yoga boot camps bring a ton of benefits for both employers and employees.

Did you know that it’s a statistical fact: Fitness programs increase company productivity by up to 50% and reduce absenteeism by 30%!

Do you want to see healthier, happier, and fit employees? Are health insurance costs for your company rising? Do you have preventable injuries that increase your workmen’s compensation claims? Are you having difficulty retaining key employees? Has recruiting become a challenge?

The Ultimate Corporate Wellness and Fitness Program is the solution you are seeking, where we partner with you not only to produce direct cost savings but also work with you to extend your employee benefits at no cost to you. We work independently and with numerous insurance companies, brokers, and wellness providers globally to complement any existing wellness programs you have.

Our goal under this program is to see you on the path toward a healthier, happier, and fit workforce. Our Corporate Clients continue to see substantial declines in insurance premiums, injury claims, and improved ergonomic for employees. This is a direct result of our unique programs focused on corporate employee’s needs for workplace stress reduction, safety and overall fitness.

Ultimate Fitness Corporate Retreats takes your executives and/or employees out of their regular work environment and uses a new context of retreats in exhilarating exotic locations. Our retreats not only work to unify your team, but also provide outstanding mentorship to revitalize your team’s personal fitness regimes, stress management, healthy nutrition and lifestyle.

Our dynamic, life transforming programs carve the way to unifying your team by creating strong camaraderie; essential to any successful business. You’ll be surprised at the boost of productivity you’ll see in your office!

Retreats are available all year round, and can even be customised to suit your schedule and fitness level.