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Two boys using a banana leaf as an umbrella


Balance mind body and soul on our renowned exclusive fitness and yoga retreats uniquely designed to combine the ultimate of both Western and Eastern philosophies; accelerating your mental awareness and physical fitness.  Discover a new level of “total fitness & wellbeing“ and reshape your body and your life. Experience and enjoy the ultimate physical, mental and spiritual rejuvenation by integrating exciting and challenging structured physical activities, stress reduction, healthy nutrition and wellness education. Explore Thailand's beauty in a dynamic, fun, group motivated atmosphere. Not only will we motivate you to strengthen your physical body, we invite you to learn how to open your heart, gain confidence, and self-esteem; learn the importance of valuing yourself. Learn to let the fears of your life melt away and most importantly feel a sense of empowerment through connection. Learn tools to fill your life with beauty, love and joy-always!

This is not an escape to paradise. It is an opportunity to reconnect with who you really are. I would like to add inner peace, joy and happiness to your experience. Calmness, fulfilment and serenity. During our time together, we create a safe space based on support and encouragement. Doing things that make us feel alive, pushing limits and creating connection.

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