Thai Massage

Increase energy flow and blood circulation throughout the entire body. Thai Yoga massage works you from toe to head and stimulates the activity of the internal organs.


This is a wonderful treatment for releasing stagnation and toxicity in the organs. It reduces bloating and aids digestive issues, cleansing and clearing the organs of knots and tension from emotional and environmental stress.

Conscious Movement Therapy

Conscious Movement Therapy 
Is a wonderful compliment to Talk Therapy.  A CMT session can instantly shift your awareness and unlocks and clears internal and external blockages. All without even a word being said. CMT combines meditation with breath-work and Thai Yoga Massage.

Yoga and fitness

Explore new patterns of movement, sound, breath work and meditation. 
Strengthen your body, focus and clear your mind.


Detox Massage to increase energy and blood flow.

raw fitness

A blend of bodyweight and sandbag training for cardio endurance, muscle toning, core strengthening, coordination and balance.