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Made of solid sterling silver depicting a 6, 500 year old symbol highlighting the quest for the deeper meaning of life as it pertains to the number 3.


The symbol represents the action & cycles of 3 number variations:


  • life -death - rebirth
  • present - past - future
  • mind - body - spirit
  • power - intellect - love
  • creation - preservation - destruction
  • mother - father - child 
  • etc.

This 18.7 gram sterling silver pendant is a handcrafted limited edition bespoke Triskele design 5cm across and adorned with a black chain link tassel.



  • Yellow Tiger's Eye
  • Blue Red and Gold Mixed Tiger's Eye    
  • Shiny Black Onyx
  • Black Lava Rock 
  • Sterling Silver 
  • Labradite







LOTUS - Yellow Tiger's Eye    
MIXED TIGER'S EYE - Blue Red and Gold Mixed Tiger's Eye    
OM - Shiny Black Onyx with Om Bead     
DRAGON - Shiny Black Onyx Black Lava Rock with Dragon Bead   
SILVER OM - Shiny Black Onyx Silver Accent Beads and Om Beads   
LABRIDITE OM - Shiny Black Onyx Labradite with Lava Rock & Om Bead



Length:  length Entire with black with chain link tassel:   13 1/2 inches (44 cm)   - can be lengthened by 2 inches.   


Without Tassel:  11 inches (36 cm)




Sterling Silver Triskel Pendant Mala

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