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Nahid | Israel 

 I cannot thank you enough for your yoga classes, fitness training, your gift of healing and releasing blocked emotions. You made the quality of my life better. I will never forget you and this experience. I am so glad we met.


Megan | Dubai 

Thank you so much for your truly amazing energy and healing treatment. You have added a new dimension to the meaning of the word `wow as it was all I was able to utter to describe my session and yet it was so much more. By all means you enabled the stopping of time and reflection on thoughts and events that I didn't realize were stopping me from moving forward.  Again, Thank You,

Gradient Ocean

 I just wanted to express how thankful I am for such a fantastic experience, completely life changing for me. Fantastic!!!It’s totally changed my lifestyle-aiming for healthy living, your sessions are so positive and brilliant and you are such an inspiration THANK YOU so much!   



Testimonial-Jessie-Austrailia .jpg

Jessie | Australia 

Thank you for the wonderful session. I hope I am able to impact on someone just as you have upon me in such a short period of time. Your charisma, passion and joy for life is inspiring. The CMT session with you was definitely the most amazing thing I have experienced. I'm so thankful to have met you and had the opportunity to experience one of your sessions. I am leaving feeling rejuvenated, uplifted, and genuinely happy-everything I had hoped for. I look forward to coming back and being amongst your company again. 


Alex | Dubai

Thank you for an amazing experience! I truly enjoyed myself, thank you for all of your positive energy, skillfully sharing your advice and most definitely all of the stretching and breathing exercises. For this is just the start of my health journey thank you for inspiring me.


Madina | UK

Dearest, dearest Ocean I can't thank you enough for this great yoga experience. I've been doing yoga for years here and there and all of the time it was about the postures and I was never able to do them all. Working with you has opened me to a completely new experience -to be in  harmony with body mind and soul. Thank you so much, I will always remember your inspirational words! I will be back sooner than later.


Hanan | Jordan

Thank you for all of the great tips during yoga on how to remember to breathe, I tend to forget. Connecting with our bodies was never something I thought of before your classes so for that, thank you. I will always remember this trip to Thailand and all of the people I met, especially yoga with you and getting my dad to stretch.


Jill & Gemma | London

Thank you Ocean for what has literally been three of the best days of our lives. You have grounded us in mind, body & soul in ways we never thought possible. It has been such a treat to have our one-on-one sessions with you each day. You are truly special and we will take your words and inspirations with us. We're really looking forward to coming back again next year. Thank you so much for everything.


Deborah | Canada

How do I begin to thank you for the most unexpected gift of peace? My thoughts and feelings are endless, yet words escape me. The path to a very bright future lies before me and I so appreciate your role in helping to reveal it. I used to teach communication skills. One of the most important skills I tried to convey was that we never know when we are making a difference in someone’s life. Whether through a gesture, words, or touch I have found this to be true. I want you to know, Ocean, that you have made a beautiful difference to me. Light + Love


Russ | Vietnam 

Thank you a million times over for being my guide, coach, inspiration, teacher and friend this week! Coming into this experience I didn't know what to expect- I think my inner self knew I was lost a bit I needed to take a step toward connecting with myself in order to care for myself. Being able to spend time with you over the last few days at was definitely the answer to that and I am so grateful my heart lead me to the right place. 


C. MacDonald | Vancouver, BC

Ocean Bloom’s retreats give guests the perfect way to accelerate their fitness on all levels; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She offers the integration of mind, body and spirit in a wonderfully exhilarating environment with expert caring and attentive mentors.”


TimGreen | Vancouver, BC

"Ocean's classes are brilliant. With her positivity and vast experience she creates a friendly training environment where everyone has fun and is challenged to the max... from the beginner to the uber-fit." Just wanted to say a HUGE thanks for helping me discover a whole other side to fitness with your amazing classes and your infectious energy. I wouldn't have lasted a week without body fit. Missing it already!


Andrea Morin | WNSO FAME Pro | WBFF 2X Champion

What an amazing feeling it was to win and I couldn't have done it without Ocean. Such an amazing woman, athlete and inspiration!


Brigitte Sonnendrucker | Vancouver, BC

Though I know motivation must come from me, you were the only person who managed to keep me focused when I most needed it. I miss you and your sunny personality!


Jason Blackman | Phuket Thailand

Working with you has helped me immeasurably. You are a healer in the truest sense and are helping me to regain my balance and connection with my body in ways that I could never do on my own. There are no words to describe my gratitude and respect for you and what you do. 


Rasmus Maack | Aalborg, Denmark

Thanks for an excellent training in April - you and your training definitely was the highlight of the trip (as you could see from your growing numbers). Thanks for that. 


Maresa Danielsen | Berkeley, California

Thank you for all the great energy and positivity you gave me, from the very first minute I walked in to the gym. You have a wonderful gift and are as beautiful inside as out. Your inspirational dialogue was half my training. Listening to you helped me quit running my old tapes, at least for an hour. 

Image by Candice Picard

Jessica Faith Visser | London, United Kingdom

I love the energy we all had doing your group training together. Being on the right track made it so easy because we were all there supporting each other  to get better in whatever we were trying to achieve! 


Tina Caridi | Melbourne Australia

I thoroughly enjoyed training with you and I was very impressed by your explosive energy, disciplined attitude, techniques and motivation. Compliments to you Ocean, it was such a pleasure meeting you. 


Beverly Yang | Singapore, Singapore

Thanks for all the tips and exercises which I will put to great use!! So stoked meeting you!  You're so motivational & such an inspiration.

Image by Gabriel Silvério

Martello |South Africa 

This experience I just had with you is another point for my gratitude list. I am so grateful to have been here and to have this experience that I did with you. My heartfelt thanks.


Vanny Vay | FAME Pro Athlete (Bikini beauty) | WBFF Featured Diva

I have known Ocean Bloom since the beginning of my fitness endeavors. She has always been an inspiration to me and has been there to help me in preparation for my competitions. She helped teach me to walk and pose on stage, and taught me the ins and outs of the restrictive diet that it takes to become a successful fitness competitor. She has always been there for any questions and worries that I have  had along the way and even helped me to understand the importance of networking and to put myself out there. I can't say enough about how helpful it is to have a seasoned professional athlete and a friend like Ocean Bloom in my corner. 


Jonathan Brutus London | United Kingdom

Ocean, it was an absolute pleasure hearing your words of wisdom at 06:30am every morning during your amazing yoga sessions, hearing your commands at 08:00am every morning during your gruelling but fun bodyfit classes. You made the camp a much more well-rounded and balanced place to train than other muay thai camp I have been to. It was really a massive bonus to have you there. Thanks for everything! 


Radha Balini | United Kingdom

I've been back in the UK for a few weeks now and I can say without hesitation, that everything feels a great way.  I feel ready to make the changes and decisions I've stopped myself from;  I feel ready to tackle things.  I feel ready to start living again. A couple of weeks in your company has played a large part in getting me to this point. The safe space you gave me, was something I really needed despite the fact that I didn't know it at the time. The time you gave me, your support and your engagement really did change things for me. That said, I miss your energy, your inspiration, the internal dialogue you shared, and I miss your humility. 

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